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New on Newgrounds

2007-12-08 10:41:31 by XxDarkSonicxX

Hey gusy,

as you can see I am pretty new on Newgrounds, but I uploaded some videos. Many vid's haven't ever come up and I don't know why. Well maybe they are pretty poor or are just bad... But I also don't know, why nobody is watching my videos and voting for it.

It is sad ;.;

For now I'll make some pictures. So watch my deviantart galery too: http://xxdarksonicxx.deviantart.com

Hope you like it etc.


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2008-02-24 03:10:51

these movies are very good man and u should keep making them so good luck ill vote on them

XxDarkSonicxX responds:

Thanks for that. I'll do my best!


2008-02-29 15:05:30

Heey, y0 Dark ^^ hast du dich auch hier her verirrt? XD naja mich wirst du wohl nie los, weder in dA noch hier ._.' naja..ich watch / fav dich ma, oder so...bis denn *wink* lol


2008-03-06 14:21:39

I cant wait for ur other Movies man iv seen part one loads


2008-06-15 16:39:31

rare character


2009-02-25 15:18:22

maybe no1 is watching ur shorts becuz u inslted tails on ur XxDarkShadowShortsx
x or wuteva its calld >= (

XxDarkSonicxX responds:

i dunno ^^" but it is okay for me ^^


2009-04-24 18:34:06

were did you find that drawing of darksonic

XxDarkSonicxX responds:

Oh just forget it ^^" it is nothing...


2011-03-24 22:04:43

wanna be friends


2011-07-19 18:05:09

Hey ima Dark Sonic Fan wanna be friends my name is Shadic892.;D Keep up the good work


2012-01-06 13:34:08

Keep up the good work man